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    Online Catalogue


    The online catalogue allows the customers to view the products of a given store in an interactive way, using either a website or other devices (projector, tablet). The catalogue provides a great influence in stimulating sales by allowing the customer to zoom in on, rotate the product or see a 3d presentation of the product, as well as detailed descriptions, images, videos and direct sharing option will make even greater impression, while also reaching more consumers. The widely used .pdf format and print catalogues are difficult to search and navigate. On the other hand, using our interactive online catalogue customers can find the required product quickly and easily, or even browse through the complete publication and view the products via images, or realistic 3d animations. Thus, they could get to know the desired product thoroughly.

    What do we offer?
    • Converting existing product descriptions to online form
    • Placing extra information for every product (photos, videos, written description)
    • 3d animation of products, if needed
    • Optimizing the catalogue for tablet / a given projector,
      making the catalogue available not only on the web, but even in the store, or at a location;
    • Interactive customer experience and full information option
    • Special interactive platform for product advertisers to highlight their ads