augmented reality


Örökségszálló AR application

“Örökségszálló” is a novel package of cultural experiences that combines a traditional book, the museum’s physical spaces and objects with the possibilities...
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With this traditional Augmented reality app, Primerate’s offical intro video starts by taking a look at a special marker. The video can be put into full screen mode with the press of a button. The app can easily be repurposed and extended.

Quargo and Quargo Event

Quargo's augmented reality apps have improved visitor experience at several events and exhibitions already. The apps' visual content were customised to match the theme of events as diverse as the Tropicarium Aquarium event and the Invitel Telecommunications event.


We made this entertaining app for GraphArt Ltd. on both Android and iOS platforms. Tappancs, Tudorka, and Okay magazines' pages come to life with AktivArt. Reading becomes more exciting for children when there is interactive content.


This app displays the planets via differently shaped AR markers. There is a description of each planet in the solar system which contains lots of interesting facts.


A free quiz game that will certainly cover your favourite topics and is available on every platform. You have to answer interesting, funny, and entertaining questions correctly. The game runs smoothly even with tens of thousands of daily users because it is built on the Node.js system with Redis databases.

Region Game

This app's uploaded videos and markers provide a spectacular AR experience. The videos start at a special marker, through which we can look around the store and choose products that we like. The app has extra informational content about all of the products. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms.


Bring to life the landscapes and habitats of the 1st two books in the Circulation series from the publisher GraphArt, with this iOS and Android app. You can look around in the living images as if you were really there!