mobile development


Quargo and Quargo Event

Quargo's augmented reality apps have improved visitor experience at several events and exhibitions already. The apps' visual content were customised to match the theme of events as diverse as the Tropicarium Aquarium event and the Invitel Telecommunications event.


We made this entertaining app for GraphArt Ltd. on both Android and iOS platforms. Tappancs, Tudorka, and Okay magazines' pages come to life with AktivArt. Reading becomes more exciting for children when there is interactive content.
Virtuális valóság applikáció 

VR demo apps

These demo apps demonstrate the possibilities and beauty of VR technology. We emphasize the visual experience to make VR technology accessible even for laymen. For instance, we can take part in the Moon landing virtually or dive into the secret world of the ocean.

Analize Life

This iOS app allows you to easily find out how much you are conscious of your life. A special algorithm analyses your feelings based on your daily routines and calculates to what extent each thing affects you. You can gather awareness of yourself and how you respond to events by constantly monitoring the changes, and you can share these insights with others.


The Doculex app was developed for iOS and Android platforms and is the only app of its kind on the Hungarian market. It recognizes the text of a photographed document and can extract and list legislative references within the document. These linked legal references can be opened with a click. You do not have to look up abbreviations and legal articles because the referenced legal texts are immediately available.


This Smart device Controlled Tattoo Power Supply is capable of managing up to eight machines and two cable systems. It includes 3 software apps that support the work of the tattoo artist. The greatest advantages it offers are that you can make and receive calls, shuffle the music, search for reference pictures, and engage in other important interactions without interrupting your work.

Region Game

This app's uploaded videos and markers provide a spectacular AR experience. The videos start at a special marker, through which we can look around the store and choose products that we like. The app has extra informational content about all of the products. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Mad nemere

This game blurs the boundaries between reality and fantasy. We made it for the premiere of István Nemere's book, Mad Nemere. In this fictional world, the writer goes into a mental clinic, whose threshold is quickly besieged by ill-wishers who had previously been skulking quietly. The addictive game is made for both Android and iOS platforms.