Robirtok website

This summer we launched a website for our dear partner called Robirtok Élményközpont. We recommend visiting Robirtok for families with smaller children...
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We created this promotional website for Power Management Ltd. to demonstrate and support the selling and pre-order process of their Controleo smart switch.


A free quiz game that will certainly cover your favourite topics and is available on every platform. You have to answer interesting, funny, and entertaining questions correctly. The game runs smoothly even with tens of thousands of daily users because it is built on the Node.js system with Redis databases.

HVG Job Fair

This complex site was made for the exhibitors and visitors of the HVG Job Fair. The interface of the website includes features such as: programme registration, interactive stand map, online stands, and resume/CV uploads. There is an administration section of the site that allows the exhibitors to manage and customize their stands. The website has served the monumental biannual job fair’s exhibitors and visitors for six years.

Pólus catalog

Click on the photos in the online interactive catalog to get extra information about every product.

Shop Builder dietary planner

Registered users can prepare menus from ingredients in our database or from customised ingredients. The system then calculates the nutritional content of the menu. These menus and ingredients can be shared with other users, who can then copy them and adjust them according to their own needs.


We set this website up for a soccer school in the US. It outlines the camp's purpose and activities schedule with a simple, easy to use registration area for those who are interested.