What we are proud of

Robirtok website

This summer we launched a website for our dear partner called Robirtok Élményközpont. We recommend visiting Robirtok for families with...
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We have developed a knowledge portal calld Expanzió. The application itself is a policy game, a personal, self-development tool for...
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We’ve developed an addictive application! The game has four levels where users can test their skill with different tasks. During...
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Novoca application

Novoca is an education app for students to learn English in a playful way. Quizes, puzzles and more games.

Rehau career

We have developed a WordPress-based website for REHAU, which serves as a career portal to advertise their open jobs.

Aquarium de la Guadeloupe

We created this Aquarium project for one of our US based client. Leap Motion technology allows you to turn the...
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PICK VR Museum

The PICK Museum uses WebGL, AR, and VR technologies to guide you through the world of PICK Wintersalami and its...
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PICK VR Museum website

We created a website for PICK Virtual Museum,where people can learn about the rooms of the museum and the brand.

RF Anatomy website

A modern and innovative look for the RF Anatomy website. It presents their mobile application and the anatomy atlas related.