Virtual reality in the real estate market

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    Virtual reality in the real estate market

    A virtual walk is much more than a simple 360° panoramic photo. Our solutions allow the client to actually take a walk in the property for sale, as they were actually there. We offer a virtual solution that makes it possible to take a walk and have a look at the given property from every angles.

    There is no need for a third person, the real estate agent will be able to map the property on their own. This way, the process itself will be the same, only that instead of property photos, they are going to make 3d images. When the 3d images were uploaded to our servers, an algorithm will automatically create the virtual presentation in only 1-2 hours. As everything will be stored in the cloud, you can share it with a simple link, or embed it into your website. Each of our virtual tours are vr compatible, it can be used by any virtual reality devices.

    • Developing a virtual reality application for android and ios
    • Providing a 3d scanner for a one-time rental fee
    • Cloud storage and it support
    • Automatic content generation
    • Tutorials
    • Creating an unlimited number of virtual presentations
    • Brandable