Rethinking systems

Our customers typically contact us, if their existing system is outdated and slow, and they hope to have a system that is an improvement over the old one, and they know what they want and what to avoid. If you’re in a similar situation, choose our “Rethinking systems” service!

We have been on the market for over 14 years, so we also have experience in the operation of older systems. We know and understand these systems.
Planning is important to us! We believe that consultations with the customer and meetings within the team provide the foundation of a plan that fully satisfies needs.
Our team consists of around 20 employees and we also have an extensive strategic network of partners! The number and expertise of employees guarantees that the ordered project will be on schedule.
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About us
We love Angular + Laravel

We particularly enjoy working with systems like Angular and Laravel.

Not only do they make our work easier, they also offer advantages to the customer, because they make a significant contribution to reducing costs and they can also be used to design user-friendly interfaces that are sustainable in the long term.
AR/VR keretrendszerek
AR/VR Frameworks

We really love augmented reality because the view and interaction are always amazing. It can be a perfect choice for educational, awareness-raising purposes, the display of additional information in publications and books, the more detailed, remarkable presentation of products and services, entertainment, and for promotional purposes.

Frameworks have the benefit of transferring the management of content to the customer. Customers will not have to involve developers in the uploading and management of new content, but can perform these tasks themselves on a user-friendly platform.

Admin platforms

Web admin platforms enable you to avoid seeking help from a developer for each modification request. We develop a user-friendly platform that is easy to use, which allows you to simply modify contents of your website or mobile app.

admin felületek

Frequently asked questions consume a lot of the time and energy of customer service staff. Many communication processes can be standardised. The chatbot can remedy this problem by not only reducing the number of phone calls and e-mails directed to administrators, but also by providing an entertaining and modern service that ensures your business stays open every day of the year and during holidays!

Digital timesheet

You still use paper to track working hours at your company? You have no idea how much (possibly unnecessary) time was spent on a given process, and why and where processes end? You don’t know when your devices need maintenance, so you lose valuable time and revenue in case of an unexpected fault? Then it’s time for a digital transition. Use digital timesheets to enable the planning and traceability of your workflows, your colleagues’ work, and even the life cycle and maintenance requirements of used devices!

Mobil alkalmazás fejlesztés - mobil appok - webfejlesztés
egyetemi portálok
University portals

We believe it is important for all organisations to operate a coherent portal that satisfies the newest user needs. Universities are no exception. In fact, a large number of students and potential applicants visit these pages and it is important to make the right impression on them. Not to mention the importance of the background platform used by instructors on a day-to-day basis. So the system may not be outdated, slow and difficult to use. We help you in enhancing the transparency and ease of use of your institution’s system and its presence on the internet.

Job portals

We have developed several job portals in recent years, so we are confident about our knowledge of what you need if you’re thinking about developing a new job search platform, or making an existing one more fresh, modern and easy to use. We are well aware that security and speed, straightforward use and the flow experience are key factors. Feel free to contact us, so we can work out the best solution together.

Digitális katalógus
Digital catalogues

Printed materials provide limited space for presenting information. Digitally, however, not only is the quantity of information unlimited, catalogues can be made interactive and diversified with videos, augmented reality content, with potentially continuous updates to content. And that’s not all! The digital catalogue also provides a shopping incentive, because you can direct your visitors to your webshop with a single click, so they can become shoppers. What can be a better promotional tool than an online catalogue that can be measured, monitored and customised?

Complex webshops

We develop webshops tailored to individual needs, which are compliant with all legal regulations in force, and also include premium add-ons, calculators and SEO settings beyond the default settings. It’s no secret: We love challenges! We are best in developing webshops, where there is need for extras beyond the traditional functions: ERP/CRM or billing links, individually developed forms, systems for internal use.

Komplex webshopok
Logisztikai rendszerek
Logistics systeme

We know what you need in the background to ensure ordered products are delivered to customers. We are familiar with the structure of wholesale logistics systems. Our customised systems apply the latest technology to support the sorting of products, tour management, the work of couriers and packaging either on a web or a mobile platform, customised to individual needs.

Startup / MVP development

If your startup idea is already in the prototype or scale-up phase, you’re an expert in the profession related to your project, but are less competent in IT, feel free to contact us! Beyond development, planning, conceptualisation and operation, we can also provide experience in mentorship and business development consultancy. We particularly like design tasks requiring the connection of hardware with software; our team is also supported by technically competent colleagues.

Startup / MVP fejlesztés