Our most important value
quality work

Our activity is defined by several principles, but the most important one is quality work. We aim to apply high quality standards in our work in relation to both customers and technology. We believe that many factors must be coordinated for a successful project. We are therefore not a typical team of programmers: We are not only developers, but also think and design, produce concepts in collaboration with customers, support progress with project management, and even maintain the systems we implement, if necessary. These units within our team work in close cooperation, allowing us to single-handedly satisfy the diverse needs of our customers.

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Sometimes the idea is the hardest part. Because you know you want something, but you don’t know what and how to go about it. We can help you in this.


Smartphone, PC, tablet, kinect, camera, iOS or Android? Do I need a projector? How big? Where? We help you choose from countless variations.


An idea is not enough; you also have to know the method and means to realise it. We know what the limitations are, so we can select the optimal solution.


The design sells the product. We are aware of this. We conceive and draw your ideas, and even help in producing images, videos, and 3D models.


One or more platforms? Phone or desktop application? We not only recommend the most efficient solutions, but also assign a priority to code quality.


You don’t have to be a techie. We will be there with you in reality or virtually and help you in implementing the system.


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