Rethinking your digital marketing

Traditional marketing methods are no longer sufficient these days. In order for your business to remain competitive, you have to impress your target audience. Choose our "Rethinking your digital marketing" service for this!

For everyone who wants to amaze, surprise or just make their customers, partners and target group laugh. We have been dealing with technology since 2009 and we are still not bored.
The new VR headsets are now able to provide a visual experience that can be used to generate emotions, enhance the game experience or even complement therapies, even with a simple mobile phone.
In addition to websites, the mobile platform is increasingly present in our online lives. Our Android and iOS developers work on a platform-by-platform basis or with a multi-platform, cost-saving solution, so we always make the structure of the applications dependent on the customer's needs.
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Mobile apps

If it’s a mobile app, nothing is impossible for us, whether it’s iOS or Android systems, cross-platform, or native solutions.

In recent years we also began to use the newest frameworks, such as Flutter and PWA based web mobile apps.

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AR fejlesztés - kiterjesztett valóság fejlesztés - VR fejlesztés, virtuális valóság fejlesztés - virtual reality fejlesztés
Augmented reality applications

We have been working with augmented reality technology since 2009 and we still can’t get enough of it!

We recommend it to everyone who would like to delight or surprise their consumers, partners and target groups, or simply to make them laugh. Usually we don’t explain what augmented reality is, because it’s enough if we show you some really cool videos and you’ll immediately want to have it! We’ll help with ideas, selection of the appropriate tools and platform, development of the concept and even with full-scale testing enabled by our large stock of in-house devices.

Virtual reality applications

VR headsets appearing on the market in recent years are increasingly promising. We aim to supply these devices with appropriate, quality content.

New VR headsets are capable of providing a visual experience, where even a simple mobile phone can be used to generate feelings and to enhance the gaming experience.
What are the VR applications we develop used for? Entertainment, amusement,
dissemination of knowledge, education, therapy etc. The possibilities are not only endless, they have hardly been exploited so far. We’ll help you to get inspired and find the VR solution that suits your needs

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mini játékok
Mini games

Games are an increasingly popular means of modern marketing, because they significantly facilitate awareness-raising and the transfer of knowledge.

Whether it’s a simple quiz, or a more complex augmented or virtual reality game, we’ll help in implementation!

Digital catalogues

Printed materials provide limited space for presenting information. Digitally, however, not only is the quantity of information unlimited, catalogues can be made interactive and diversified with videos, augmented reality content, with potentially continuous updates to content. And that’s not all!

The digital catalogue also provides a shopping incentive, because you can direct your visitors to your webshop with a single click, so they can become shoppers. What can be a better promotional tool than an online catalogue that can be measured, monitored and customised?

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oktatást támogató alkalmazások
Support of education

We are pleased to see that a growing number of digital tools are introduced in education. We believe that modern technology significantly facilitates the transfer of new knowledge, enhancing the learning experience and relying on younger generations’ openness to new things.

Whether it’s a mobile app, an informative web portal or 3D animation provided with an exciting book, you can be certain in successfully reaching out to young people. Let’s think of ideas together!

AR publications

Owing to the technology of augmented reality, any digital content – whether a video, 3D models or animation – can be displayed on paper with a smart device.

This provides an exceptional user experience, providing extra content in an innovative and entertaining form. In terms of marketing, we think that one of the greatest benefits of AR is its appeal to young people – stimulating interest within a new age group.

For museums

All museums offer a rich variety of history and useful information. We help in passing on as much of this information as possible to visitors!

Technological innovations and a modern format provide interesting content and an interactive experience for visitors, and the provision of information may further enhance interest. Modern technology can be used effectively to reach out to and engage younger generations.

For zoos

We offer interactive solutions for zoos, wild life parks and animal parks. The exciting solutions we offer raise awareness, are entertaining and may also provide informative content, and thereby provide an extra experience to visitors.

In most cases, the experience can be shared, allowing immediate use of a digital experience element as a marketing tool.

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Did you know that your products can be displayed in 3D, so your customers can view and try out the furniture, windows and even vehicles of their dreams in their home before making a purchase?

When should a webshop or mobile app be boosted with 3D experience elements and virtual product presentations? If your customers appreciate innovation and if you want to be the best among similar webshops – a business people will certainly remember.

Interactive mirror

A mirror that is much more. It entertains, informs, promotes shopping, navigates, educates and offers an experience.

We recommend it for events, exhibitions, shopping centres, stores, museums and zoos. These mirrors can display digital catalogues, experience elements customised for events, games, promotional materials, 3D models or exciting animations, clothing-shoes-make-up try-ons... Only our imagination is the limit to its areas of application!

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