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Virtual promotion

It's not enough to recognise your audience; you must also be able to address them. This is an ever harder task with the information noise reaching generation Y.

Why US?
If you want to reach your audience:
  • You need creative, modern promotional ideas.
  • You need targeted messages that inspire people, and unique solutions that keep their attention.
  • We can help you with all of that. And lots more.
virtual games, interest-simulating solutions
demonstrate products and services in a virtual world
unique webpages with fancy solutions
easy-managed webshops, product display shops
social applications, games, galleries, votes, quizzes
mobile phone apps from the simple to the complex
Unique webpage with custom made elements.
A portal for golf fans with custom made picture and video galleries
Custom made trendy webpage
We created a webpage introducting the Look Your Best service with a studio list and map, with galleries for the studios and Facebook integrated microsites and integrated web2 pages
Joomla based custom site
Bilingual custom designed website for a language school.
With a design matching the company's purpose
A Joomla based custom site for a moving and junk clearance service
Modern design and special solutions
The quality control company wanted a unique but easy to operate webpage, so we created the company's webpage using parallax techniques and special solutions
Joomla based custom webpage
This building industry company wanted an expressive, but cheap webpage, so we created this webpage customised from a template. It has a page slider module and product display
Custom, personalised design
The goal of the webpage was, beyond giving information, to draw attention, and to have the chess master appear on the webpage - as a professional teacher. We created this look with a minimalist, professional design
Joomla based custom webpage
The Ásotthalom beach wanted a cheap, customised, remarkable and informative webpage, so we completely modified a template to create the beach's webpage.
Wordpress based custom design and unique solutions
The Szeged Zumba Teaching webpage received a dynamic, youthful appearance in 2013, while keeping the webpage's wordpress background
Admin interface for a property webpage
The admin interface was made for Robertson Hungary, which is intended to edit easily the informations of the buildings that display on the public surface. Here, the operator of the site can add new buildings to the database and edit the datas of existing buildings.
A charming webpage with unique elements
It was important for the owners of the Bűbáj Birtok that we create a page, where the visitors instantly fall in love with the place and feel like they would like to lodge on the estate. Among others, it is assisted by the individual photos and the 360° virtual tour, which leads around the visitors on the estate.
User friendly social webpage
With the help of the Chill&Learn webpage the language learning can become much more easier! Uploading, downloading of the glossaries and to generate them into sound materials in mp3 format guarantee the sure success and the language exam certification!
With complex administration system
The Vocalio Média Ltd. wanted a webpage, which introduces perfectly the Vocalio application to the users and to the target audience who want to promote. With the help of the webpage the registered advertisers can manage their ads which will appear on the map surface of the application.
Joomla based page with picture-scrolling
The Nász-Car Ltd. deals with oldtimer renting for weddings, and they wish was a webpage, which besides presenting the cars that can be rented, unique, stylish, sophisticated and provides opportunity for online request.
Unique, parallax webpage
The aim of the webpage, which was developed for the Power Management Ltd. was to introduce and at the same time support the sale of the Controleo smart switch, and help the pre-ordering process.
Unique webpage with a registration surface
A webpage created for a football school in the USA, which presents the aim and programmes of the camp, and provides a simple, easy to use registration surface for those who are interested.
Rent and create a webshop
The system of the B2Shop webshop is the result of the joint development work with Bit2Bit Kft. Anyone can start a webshop using B2shop without any bound, even for free. B2shop is flexible and easy to use and besides customised and fast as well. was made with the B2Shop webshop system
The purpose of the website made for Zotek was distinction, presentation of the products and impetus for purchase. We made the new website along these points. was made with the B2Shop webshop system
The purpose of the website made for Natural Body Szeged was distinction, presentation of the products and impetus for purchase. We made the new website along these points. was made with the B2Shop webshop system
The purpose of the website made for Non-stop tire- and auto service was distinction, presentation of the products and impetus for purchase. We made the new website along these points. was made with the B2Shop webshop system
The purpose of the website made for Denra was distinction, presentation of the products and impetus for purchase. We made the new website along these points. was made with the B2Shop webshop system
The purpose of the website made for Free mobiles was distinction, presentation of the products and impetus for purchase. We made the new website along these points.
Complex career portal design and development
We have been administrating the website since 2009. In 2010 we undertook a complete resesign of the website's user interface. We designed a job search engine for the portal, with a complex newsletter sending system
A guessing game played on
Complex guessing game designed with Joomla. The webpage was capable of handling individual and team players, showing real time statistics and current high scores, and it also had chat and rating functions
Complex site and admin section for stand owners and attendees
Functions of the web page and admin section: registration, interactive map of fair stands, online stands, CV upload. Customer portal - inner section for the stand ownders, where they can manage their stands and make them unique.
Webpage with unique design for a personal advice company
The Joomla based portal works in 3 languages, helping job searchers with registration, application pages and a complex search engine. An admin section and a newsletter system help with uploading job opportunities and handling applicants
Application planned to test consumer reactions
The questionnaire was made for advertising the Multicooker which is a multifuctional domestic machine from Philips. During the promotion the operation of the machine was presented, and meals prepared by the machine were tasted by the passers. The questionnaire was intended to assess the reaction for the show and the tasting.
Application used for product promotion
With the help of the application, the hostesses of the Nestlé could make pictures about babies with two possible frames, which could be sent to a computer, from where the pictures could be printed for the request of the parents.
A unique application for tablets used for the promotion of the Dogchow pet food
The desire of the costumers was a simple and easy to use application for tablets, which could help to communicate with more and more dog owners through the posed questions.
A unique application for tablets used for the promotion of the Babywine alcoholic drink
The desire of the costumers was a simple and easy to use application for tablets, which could help to communicate with more and more young people, who like tp party, through the posed questions.
A unique application for tablets used for the promotion of the Friskies pet food
The desire of the costumers was a simple and easy to use application for tablets, which could help to communicate with more and more cat owners through the posed questions.
A unique application for tablets used for the promotion of the shopping center SIO Pláza
The desire of the costumers was a simple and easy to use application for tablets, which could help to invite more people to the birthday party of the shopping center.
A unique application for tablets used for the promotion of a half matahon organized by the Wizzair airline
The desire of the costumers was a simple and easy to use application for tablets, which could help to reach more people who wanted to register for the running organized by them.
Job portal written for Facebook specifically for youngsters
A modern job portal that satisfying the needs of the 21 century, which is about to conquer the world of the online job search. The page takes advantage of the benefits of the Facebook through the easy regisration, the recommendation of the jobs til the possibility of sharing.
A like-generating app and a studio search
Our customer wanted to get as many fans as they could in a single day with a simple and catchy countdown timer. Copying the studio list from the webpage onto Facebook made it possible for users to search the map for partner studios.
Stand beauty contest and Did you know quiz game.
To generate more activity amongst the visitors of the HVG Job Fair and its webpage, a beauty contest was held with online voting, and a quiz game to increase awareness about the stand owners called Did you know.
Voting and picture gallery app
A FaceBook app created for the makers of James Bond perfume, which which we can paste our own portraits onto a picture of the famous agent and thus enter the contest for the title of prettiest agent.
Raising financial awareness on a community basis.
Erste Bank's Pénzügyes (Moneysmart) game was created for FaceBook. The app is very complex, with quests, helpers and tasks, inspring young people to contemplation and competition. We took part in its development and planning.
A questionnaire made for a contest organized by the official facebook page of the Tena
The participants of the game should answer correctly for one question to take part in the daily draw. The official webpage of the Tena could help in answering the questions.
Personalisable rings
Putting the webpage on the iPad and the iPhone created a professional marketing tool
Quick information on a mobile
After downloading the calculator, the user can immediately learn what types of loans they can get in order to buy the product/service they desire
Bluetooth shareable version
The customer wanted an interactive, amoeba-like game for a colon cleansing medication. The game would be transmitted via bluetooth at conferences, so in addition to the quality, it was important to minimise file size.
Take a look what fun waits for you!
With the help of the application the users can find pubs nearby, and due to the installed cameras they can get an insight to the selected party.
Promotional game
The client wanted a promotional game for a cigarette called West. The goal is to collect as many points, and reach the West cigarette pack without errors.
Vocalio: More, than a radio
With the help of the Vocalio application the users, the radio listenners get only those ads, in which they can be interested. Road informations, collectible coupons, dicounts, weather informations and variety of music in one place. A complex and visionary mobile application for iOS and Android.
An application that helps to follow the menstrual periods
With the help of the Femina mobile application the women can record not just the dates of the menstrual periods, but their temperature, weight, date of their ovulation, thus helping to get pregnant easier. The application widely supports the registration and management of women datas.
About rowing in more languages with the RowDictionary
The application is primarly developed for those, who get in connection with rowing during their lives, as sport branch. The application is ideal for athletics, coaches, team managers, jury members, organizers and for many others, who love rowing.
Mobile application for smart phones (iOS, Andrid)
The wish of the Tondach was an application, that will help the potential clients to reach the selling points easily, get informations about their products, in addition they can track their bonus points which they get after their purchase, and can change them for valuable gifts.
Foundrybox party picture sending application
With the help of the Foundrybox application the pictures taken at the parties can be sent to the people, who are on the photo. This is provided by a simple and well-arranged surface, where the hostesses of the night club can assign e-mail addresses and phone numbers to the people on the pictures.
An iOS mobile app created for a real estate magazine.
After downloading the app, we could see a 3D model of the chosen house
iOS based augmented reality app
A virtual reality app capable of handling several markers created for a German customer
Mix the fiction with reality!
Quargo is a new application that allows you to merge the virtual world to the real world using just a mobile phone and special "Quargo" codes and you can even capture these magical moments in time! The codes used are QR codes but they can be personalized to allow you to create your own, unique codes.
Entertaining application that makes your favorite magazines come alive
The application was made for the GraphArt Ltd. This entertaining application is available on iOS and on Android platforms too. With the help of the AktivArt the pages of the Tappancs, Tudorka and Oké magazines can come alive.
Visual experience in a drawn world
Look around in beautiful landscapes and vivify the nature. The application displays seven different drawn landscapes , by selecting the desired one we can look around in nature, which comes alive by touching the screen.
Application used for test driving promotion
With the help of the application the visitors could check three types of nissan cars. There was a possibility for a closer visual inspection of the internal and external structure of the cars through the tablets.
Application used for exhibitions and events
The Quargo applications were present at several events and exhibitions, where they increased the visitor’s experience. The visual content of the application fit the theme of the exhibition in all cases, wheter it was the Tropicarium or the Invitel event.
AR apps created for an exhibition
The security company aroused the interest of interested parties with an interactive game, and then showed solutions to watching a house in 3D at the stand with the help of a marker
Using the Quargo system
Quargo Ltd. displayed scientific curiosities, discoveries, and discoverers in an exciting fashion using a special application created by CreatIt with the help of Quargo application.
Augmented Reality at the HVG Job Fair
The webpage helped those job seekers who wandered to their stand with a virtual fortune teller to help them find the right career, of course in a playful way.
Created for a German customer for a game exhibition
Exhibition attendees who approached the stand could wear a yellow headband to compete with each other to see who had the best heading technique.
Exciting solution for a medical technology interactive exhibition
People could see 3D models of various medical tools and their properties with the help of markers and a doll. Markers were placed on the parts of the doll's body where the medical tools could be used.
A display for a train part factory enterprise.
At the german company's stand, with the help of kinect, the customer is familiarised with a 3D view of products just by moving their hands
Individual webdesign for a private lawyer
We customised the webpage based on the background used in the lawyer's printed branding material to give a simple, clean and confident look
Theme variations for a film rental website.
The goal was to create a simple, clean, content-oriented cinematic design
Design variations
New web design solutions approaching strategic goals from different angles
Custom made design plans for a company's brand site
Created graphical designs for the webpage
Designed according to the newest trends
In the plan, continuity, simplicity, and a unique horizontal scroll are emphasized
Unique theme
A striking, special web design created for an American charity organisation
Complex marketing services
Aselect LP trusted us with the co-ordination of their online presence: we created a multilingual webpage, and undertook the webpage's and the company's SEO marketing. We helped create the database, search for partners, and developped marketing materials and enterprise applications.
Marketing support for a programme organising service.
We helped to create the theme, the copy, and the communication strategy
Goal: entering the foreign market
Within the confines of a competition, we created a detailed marketing strategy analysis and plan, in which we outlined the past and present opportunities, problems, and building on that we decided on the direction for future marketing activities for the Folprint Press.
Focus on job search
At the request of the, we assisted in their PR campaigns several times. We wrote Marketing and PR strategic plans and carried them out, wrote press releases, generated press conferences and wrote academic HR articles and wrote job search advice to help popularise the portal.
Here is the address:
H-6724 Szeged, Körtöltés street 59. Hungary
We do our best to have satisfied clients!
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Virtual horoscope specifically for HR.
For Christmas 2010, had us create a virtual horoscope program for their HR partners. We were also given the task of designing and copywriting this project.
Holiday game with augmented reality
In the game, randomly generated presents were displayed on the screen with two sides of a gift box displayed. The game was for the grand opening of the Szeged Agóra Informatórium and garnered much success amongst viewers.
Facebook horoscope for job seekers
The delighted their visitors with a Christmas horoscope to increase their fans on Facebook
Game with voting's 2012 Facebook game was so successful that it has taken part in several future marketing campaigns too. We can use the app to create our own laptop cover designs by placing crystals, and the creator of the most popular design was rewarded with a laptop designed by his/her own plan.
Our custom designed webshop
In 2013 we launched our own product, B2 Shop, which offers an alternative webshop, so that people could more easily create their own webshops.
Connection of the virtual reality and Christmas
One of our customer’s virtual advent calendar was displayed in a shopping mall in 2010. The passers-by could see different kind of animations every month and a collective photo was made with the favourite chosen one. The advent game was a great success, especially among the little ones.
When Santa Claus comes alive…
An old, but effective solution: our customer wanted to spice up his Christmas greeting cards with the help of the virtual reality. Following the instructions on the postcards which were sent to the partners, the drawings on page came alive. Should have more publicity for an agency?
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  • HTML (valid), CSS, bootstrap, Git, Photoshop, Joomla, Wordpress...
We are continuously looking for PHP developers with 1-2 years of work experience.
We are looking for our new colleague with several years of work experience
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