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Who we are

Our love for the company began in 2009. Until that point we simply loved our work, developing and marketing. We have combined these into something new, a company in which the emphasis is not just on the coding. Since we have also worked on the client side for many years, we know exactly what the client needs are. We know how difficult it can be to understand the developers’ questions and answers. And we also know how hard is to invent good, modern, and exciting promotional ideas with the use of unfamiliar technology. That’s why in the CreatIT team it is not only the management, but also the development team who provides continual support throughout the planning, brainstorming, and selection of appropriate solutions. We aim to deliver every project without faults. Our goal is to create apps that just work without trouble and web pages which are responsive on mobile phones too.

We love our jobs and work literally around-the-clock because we enjoy it. Take advantage of our enthusiasm and dedication 🙂



We live in augmented reality ... Do you?

CreatIT’s greatest strength is augmented reality. We have been dealing with this technology since 2009 and have not grown bored of it yet.

For whom? For everyone who wants to amaze, surprise or amuse their customers, partners, or target group. Let’s brainstorm together!

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Websites, online stores, microsites


Designing and constructing websites from the basic to the complex. Websites, promotional microsites, brandingsites, online webshops, portals, web-based client apps, backend development, optimization, development of web-mobile APIs. The list is long, and the possibilities are endless. Feel free to contact us even if you just want a simple and cheap solution, but especially if you need a system that is complex yet fast and reliable. We work with Joomla, Wordpress and other custom-developed systems, and we have additionally spent years developing our own stable web framework to satisfy more specific needs.

Android, iOS, AR apps


Nowadays, everybody is coming to us needing a mobile app. In recent years, in addition to our websites we have been paying increasing attention to mobile platforms as they have been growing more popular and are having a stronger presence in our online lives. Our Android and iOS developers work both with single and cross-platforms – the latter of which can be a more cost-effective solution – therefore the app can be built to satisfy the client’s needs. We also manage Google Play and App Store accounts, thus we can upload apps even you do not have your own separate account. We are with you from the UX, UI design through the specification to the multi-device testing.

Prototypes, electronics


Our understanding of hardware and electronics is an essential part of the complex service we offer. Feel free to contact us if you need a prototype or any other type of custom hardware for your idea. We will help you plan your hardware, draw up the plans, the specifications, and even select the best-value tools, materials and suppliers. Looking into our references we have already made a bluetooth module wall switch, a heat-pulse-perspiration measuring watch, a wind generator, etc. Last but not least, as you can see we like challenges.

Custom development, complex systems


We are proud to claim backend development as one of our strengths. Especially when the task is to design complicated databases, optimize their speed, or make the backend-interface more user-friendly. We love problem solving. We have previously made a hotel supply managing system, a complex admin interface for exhibitors and visitors, a real estate managing module, an online game, and our favorite was the guessing game made as a backend development for the UEFA Euro 2016 which served hundreds of thousands of visitors. No matter how complicated your software idea is, feel free to contact us, we do not shrink from any task.

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