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Other products, services

We never stop creating. We are always thinking about something new and going in for everything which inspires us. The wide range of activities no longer fit into the framework of CreatIT, therefore we launched them as specific brands to live their own lives.

Nevertheless, we recommend each of our children with all our hearts:

  • VRFanatics for VR fans,
  • B2Shop webshop system for sellers,
  • ARWorld, if you are particularly interested in augmented reality.
VR app development



The VR headsets appearing on the market are improving year by year. Our goal is to build quality content for these new devices. Virtual Reality entertains, educates and informs. It can be used for promotional and therapeutic purposes. VR apps are immersive experiences that keep users engaged longer than regular, less impressive content. It is very easy to become a fan of VR.

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Online Shop system


b2shop_logoWe wanted a webshop system that we would use. A webshop where the only features we pay for are the ones we need. A webshop where we do not have to spend hundreds of thousands of forints up front because monthly payments are available and various services can be purchased later on. A webshop that is easy to handle. A webshop which is constantly being updated and follows the trends. A webshop that can be used even by beginners, who doesn’t understand IT. This is the B2Shop shop system.

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AR solutions


logoWe created the ARWorld brand to help people understand what augmented reality is, what it is good for, who uses it, who else should use it, and what great potentials this technology holds. We are showing you what you can use AR for and offering concrete products and service-packages that you can order as well.

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