programming trainees

We are permanently looking for PHP developer students who are proactive, dedicated to information technology and who enjoy learning.

We offer:

  • Long-term job opportunities,
  • Flexible working hours that are compatible with study,
  • Even full-time jobs,
  • Relaxed atmosphere,
  • Opportunities to learn other technologies and languages (C ++, mobile development, Augmented Reality)


  • Student status
  • In addition to theoretical knowledge must be at least 1-2 real-world experiences, own development work, it can be presented for reference.
  • PHP, MySQL, Javascript knowledge – knowledge of at least one kind of known JS framework / libraries (jQuery, square, spine) and at least a knowledge of PHP framework (Symphony, etc …)
  • HTML (valid)
  • CSS, a knowledge framework (eg. Bootstrap)
  • Teamwork
  • proactivity
  • self-sufficiency

Advantage, but not requirements:

  • group inclusive tour
  • Photoshop knowledge sitebuild
  • Some knowledge of CMS (Joomla, WordPress, etc …)
  • Sass or less REST API

We offer:

  • Depending on experience from £ 800-1050 / hour hourly wage
  • cozy, well; equipped office, young team
  • Flexible schedules, flexible working time

Required Documents: To apply, please attach your CV in Hungarian Limited references.

Required languages: Hungarian and English (written comprehension)


Deadline: ongoing