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From design to construction


Augmented reality is CreatIT’s greatest strength. We have been dealing with this technology since 2009 and have not grown bored of it yet. For whom? For everyone who wants to amaze, surprise or  amuse their customers, partners, or target group.  We develop for smart phones, tablets and desktop computers. Most of our clients order promotional apps from us, so over the years we have streamlined a solid routine for this type of project. A simple AR app can be made in just 1-2 weeks. We don’t usually explain in words what augmented reality is, because it is enough to show some really exciting Youtube videos to make you feel that this is a must for you! We do not expect you to know AR well: that’s what we are here for. We can help you from the brainstroming throughout the right tool and platform selection to the process of full testing thanks to our big collection of devices.


Nowdays, augmented reality has been replaced by virtual reality in many places, so we have entered this field, too. The VR headsets appearing on the market are improving year by year. Our goal is to build quality content for these new devices. Virtual Reality entertains, educates and informs. It can be used for promotional and therapeutic purposes.

What can we use our VR apps for? Entertainment, fun, raising awareness, education, marketing, therapy, etc. The possibilities are not just infinite, but are very much untapped. We will help inspire you to find the VR solution that will specifically satisfy your needs.


Designing and constructing websites from the basic to the complex. Websites, promotional microsites, brandingsites, online webshops, portals, web-based client apps, backend development, optimization, development of web-mobile APIs. The list is long, and the possibilities are endless. Feel free to contact us even if you just want a simple and cheap solution, but especially if you need a system that is complex yet fast and reliable. We work with Joomla, Wordpress and other custom-developed systems, and we have additionally spent years developing our own stable web framework to satisfy more specific needs.

Mobile apps

Nowadays, everybody is coming to us needing a mobile app. In recent years, in addition to our websites we have been paying increasing attention to mobile platforms as they have been growing more popular and are having a stronger presence in our online lives. Our Android and iOS developers work both with single platforms and with cross-platforms, the latter of which can be a more cost-effective solution, therefore the app can be  built to satisfy the clients’s needs. We have got both Google Play and App Store accounts, thus we can upload it even if you do not have a separate account. We are with you from the UX, UI design through the specification to the multi-device testing.

Custom softwares

We are proud to claim backend development as one of our strengths. Especially when the task is to design complicated databases, optimize their speed, or make the backend-interface more user-friendly. We love problem solving. We have previously made a hotel supply managing system, a complex admin interface for exhibitors and visitors, a real estate managing module, an online game, and our favorite was the guessing game made as a backend development for the UEFA Euro 2010 which served hundreds of thousands of visitors. No matter how complicated your software idea is, feel free to contact us, we do not shrink from any task.


Our understanding of hardware and electronics is an essential part of the complex service we offer. Feel free to contact us if you need a prototype or any other type of custom hardware for your idea. We will help you plan your hardware, draw up the plans, the specifications, and even select the best-value tools, materials and suppliers, because we have the connections. We have already made a bluetooth module wall switch, a heat-pulse-perspiration measuring watch, a wind generator, etc. And last but not least, we like challenges.


Augmented reality applications for smartphones, tablet-, desktop.
Development, testing, brainstorming, training and support.


Fun, educational, educational or promotional purposes
VR application development on any device.


Development of High-quality, sensitive websites and webshops
Or frame a unique regular solution.


Games, AR, VR, promotional and business applications,
Development of complex apps for iOS and Android.


Browser-based custom software, ERP systems,
development frameworks.


Custom solutions requiring complex hardware-software communications
complete preparation of prototypes.


The workflow

We promise we will have only a few questions


Sometimes the idea is the hardest step. Because you know you want something, but you do not know what is possible and how to do it. This is where we can help you.


Smartphone, PC, tablet, kinect, camera, iOS or Android? Is there any need for a projector? What size? Where? We can help you to choose from the countless variations.


An idea is not enough, you also need to know how to make it a reality. We know the limits, so we can choose the best and cheapest solution for you.


The design sells the product. We know this as well. We dream for you and draw your ideas and even help you to prepare images, videos, and 3D models.


One platform or more? Phone or desktop app? We recommend the most effective solutions while paying special attention to the code quality.


It is not a problem if you are unfamiliar with gadgets. Either offline or online, we are always available to help your IT system be all set up.

Our work

Some of our references


We have developed a knowledge portal calld Expanzió. The application itself is a policy game, a personal, self-development tool for...
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VÁV Union Kft.

An AR application made for a Hannover expo presentation of the VÁV Union Kft. We made a normal map put...
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We made this entertaining app for GraphArt Ltd. on both Android and iOS platforms. Tappancs, Tudorka, and Okay magazines' pages come to life with AktivArt. Reading becomes more exciting for children when there is interactive content.

KRKA Magyarország Kereskedelmi Kft.

Our augmented reality animation and application made for KRKA Hungary, present a symbolic visualization of the physiological effects of the...
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Quargo and Quargo Event

Quargo's augmented reality apps have improved visitor experience at several events and exhibitions already. The apps' visual content were customised to match the theme of events as diverse as the Tropicarium Aquarium event and the Invitel Telecommunications event.


A free quiz game that will certainly cover your favourite topics and is available on every platform. You have to answer interesting, funny, and entertaining questions correctly. The game runs smoothly even with tens of thousands of daily users because it is built on the Node.js system with Redis databases.